Finance Management

Workout your business tactics and measure performance to deliver desired results

Team Manager

Keep track of everyone’s tasks and notify them in the right time

Trainer Module

Gymstinct is designed in mind to be a fitness software in the first place

Warehouse Management

Keep track of your stocks, our AI will guide you to make proper decisions


Get most out of your sales, while keeping it simple

Club Operations Management

Managing everyday routine tasks can’t be so much time saving


Keep customer relationship management simple and automated

HR Module

Manage and keep people motivated

General Features

Performance-oriented, cloud-based ERP software to manage fitness and sport clubs

Discover our System

There is no better way rather than to test and feel the software in the real conditions

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Discover our System

Why Gymstinct?

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    Multiplatform, Cloud, Secure (plug and play)

    Gymstinct software is cloud based solution that can be run on any web browsing platform. All the data is stored on the secure servers with redundancy management and back-ups with over 99% uptime.

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    Intelligent, AI enabled

    This is and fully capable ERP solution with intelligent features to guide users in managing business operations with ease. Many simple and time-consuming tasks are handled automatically including customer engagement activities.

  • 3
    Intuitive UX, Constant unlimited updates

    Software design is intuitive and convenient in use for any level of user and role, will it be accounting professional or fitness trainer. Don't worry about updates and system improvement, we have covered you. You won't pay for updates and feel how the process will go.

Multiplatform, Cloud, Secure (plug and play) Intelligent, AI enabled Intuitive UX, Constant unlimited updates
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Who we are


Gymstinct is fitness technology company creating solutions to enhance fitness clubs with modern-intelligent digital capabilities, including:


ERP software solutions for fitness and sports club’s business operations management www.gymstinct.club

Gymstinct datahub including web and app support for trainees and trainers to manage their workout programs and performance at www.gymstinct.com

Digitally enhanced commercial fitness equipment equipped with 4D Motion-capture sensing technology and linked to Gymstinct Datahub.


For network of clubs/per club USD $119
    Premium Support
    Unlimited Number of Clubs
    POS Module
    Club Operations Management
    Warehouse Management
    Training Equipment Management
    Trainer Module
    Team Management Module
    CRM Module
    Finance Module
    HRM Module
Corporate unlimited package USD $89
    Premium Support
    Limeted to One Club
    POS Module
    Club Operations Management
    Warehouse Management
    Training Equipment Management
    Trainer Module
    Team Management
    CRM Module
    Finance Module
    HRM Module
Free - For Studio clubs Free
    Basic Support
    Limited to One club
    POS Module
    Club Operations Management
    Warehouse Management
    No Equipment Management
    Trainer Module
    No Team Management
    No CRM
    Basic Finance Module
    Basic HRM


How can I use the software? Do I need to install it?

This is plug and play system, only thing you have to do is to register with us, there is no need to have servers and other IT stuff as all the data is securely stored on our backed-up cloud servers and can be accessed from any internet browser.

How can I use my current equipment?

If you already have fiscal printer, barcode scanner, RFID access system, bank card scanner and conventional desktop printer, working on standard protocols with Windows OS, our system will work with them out of box without any issues. However, if there is any other kind of equipment ask us to guide you in advance and we will integrate it in to the software.

How is it possible to pay for the service?

Once registered with us, you will have company wallet where you can deposit funds that will be subtracted periodically for monthly service fees and for additional on demand services you will use. We will notify in advance we take any action related to the payments.

What features does the ERP software have? What about custom modifications and adding functions?

You can review our features page above and read through the descriptions, however we suggest to take a demo and test the whole thing on your own. System is designed in a way that supports different business models, however if there is something you need to add we will be glad to help you out.

How can I and my team members learn useing the system?

One registered you will be granted access to the knowledge database where you can read and watch videos how to set up the system and use different features of it.

Is it possible to migrate from an existing system I am using currently?

Absolutely, we will give you a draft XML format (can be opened by any kind of spreadsheet document reader), you can export current user database there and then upload to our system. Also, you can upload current service plans of your clients the same way.

Do you have support service for me?

Yes, we have basic support for free version of the software and you can post any problem on the blog, our engineers will be there to help you. In case of paid accounts, we offer on demand technical support and you can directly contact to us via helpdesk system.